18.5" Self-Watering Hanging Basket

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    Hanging baskets offer the quintessential floral display. Their stunning cascades of wonder and color lift the spirit whatever the season.  High quality commercial grade self-watering hanging basket.

    • 18.5" Diameter x 10.6" Deep
    • Holds 1.6 gallons of water in reservoir
    • Holds 0.52972 cubic feet of compost
    • Supplied with the unique AquafeedTM self-watering capillary action wick and dispersal matting system that keeps compost optimally moist and plants healthy and strong
    • Generous sub-soil water reservoir provides permanent water source and keeps evaporation to a minimum
    • Double walled construction keeps plants cool in summer and insulated in winter
    • Easy access filling points allow units to be topped up no more than once or twice a week 
    • Overflow holes above the dispersal pad prevent roots becoming saturated
    • Made in Britain with recyclable polyethylene, units are virtually maintenance free and are carbon friendly