• Large 29" Diameter Sun Metal Wall Art

    Le Primitif

    Large Thistle Sun Metal Wall Art

    A truly glorious accent for your home or garden, our Large Thistle Sun blazes away with a coral-like network …

  • Girl's Head Metal Wall Art

    Le Primitif

    Girl's Head Metal Wall Art 33in

    With flowing crown-like braids embellished with bows and a soul-searching gaze, this mesmerizing young lady di…

  • 20" Wall Mirror with Mosaic Glass


    Mosaic Wall Mirror

    An organic blend of hues reflecting sky, sea, sand, and weathered wood, this stunning mosaic framed mirror evo…

  • Heron Metal Sculpture with Base


    Heron Metal Sculpture with Base

    This aluminum sculpture captures a tranquil scene of a heron pair resting among the cattails, as if they were …

  • Pot Belly Pig Metal Wall Art

    Le Primitif

    Pot Belly Pig Metal Wall Art

    This cheerful little porker is adorned with a cut-out floral pattern, perky pointed ears and a cute, curly tai…

  • Floral Hen Metal Wall Art

    Le Primitif

    Floral Hen Metal Wall Art

    This happy little hen appears to be doing a sprightly dance while pecking the ground searching for tasty tidbi…

  • Fish Mirror

    Le Primitif

    Fancy Fish Metal Wall Mirror

    Our Fancy Fish Mirror is a great catch for your beach cottage, seaside sanctuary, or anyplace you'd like to in…

  • Small Metal Display Stand


    Black Metal Display Stand

    This small black metal display stand is perfect for the display of smaller art pieces or small plant terrarium…

  • Blackbird collectible by Gail Lyman

    Gail Lyman

    Halloween Collectibles

    Decorate your home for Halloween with these imaginative hand-sculpted ceramic collectibles from Maryland artis…

    $12.99 - $29.99
  • Patriotic Bunny Collectible

    Gail Lyman

    Patriotic Collectibles

    Display your patriotism with one of Maryland artist Gail Lyman’s collectible critters, hand sculpted and…

    $15.99 - $29.99
  • Ladybug Paperweight Collectible

    Gail Lyman

    Critter Collectibles

    Maryland artist Gail Lyman has created a collection of adorably charming creatures that will add a joyful, col…

    $14.99 - $59.99
  • Long hat Santa

    Gail Lyman

    Christmas Collectibles

    Maryland artist Gail Lyman’s hand-sculpted collectible holiday ceramic figurines will lend a whimsical t…

    $14.99 - $59.99
  • Boston Bird House with white wash

    Boston Bird House - White Wash

    Attractive solid wood decorative Boston Birdhouse measures 17" H x 5" W x 6" D.  Perfect for creating an …