Up the Pole Half Basket Self-Watering Planter

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$112.00 - $182.00
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    Amberol self-watering Up-the-Pole Flower Baskets create fabulous flower displays and can mount to almost any pole with their steel brackets. If you choose to have a single half basket, you must also purchase banding along with the bracket to hold the basket in place.  If you purchase two baskets you will not need to add the banding.

    • Double walled construction keeps plants cool in summer and insulated in winter
    • Integral water reservoir provides permanent water source
    • Aquafeed™ self-watering capillary action matting
    • Easy access filling points
    • May purchase as single half basket or two baskets to create full circle around pole
    • Made with carbon friendly recyclable polyethylene
    • Virtually maintenance free
    SKU Diameter Depth Compost Cubic Ft Water Gal Weight Brackets Liner
    UTP-1P 23.22" 10.62" .423 1.32 4.84 BR-UTP-1BR UTP-PL1
    UTP-2P 31.5" 10.62" .882 3.70 8.14 BR-UTP-2BR UTP-PL2

    Amberol is a UK company established in 1969.  They produce a wide variety of self-watering planters perfect for residential use as well as large public places.

    This item is a special order.  Once an order is placed, Amberol will begin fabrication of your order, generally taking about 6 to 8 weeks.  We then piggy-back their orders with our Agriframes orders to keep shipping and pricing as reasonable as possible.

    Amberol pioneered and developed a unique self-watering system called AquafeedTM.  These planters save time, water and money. No question.

    The concept is as remarkable as it is simple: a series of high capacity capillary-action wicks “suck” water up from a sub-soil water reservoir onto dispersal matting, from which water spreads evenly to the compost overlaying it, keeping it optimally moist at all times.

    As a result, plants stay healthy and look stunning for longer. Why? Because plant roots grow towards the water source, absorbing only the water and nutrient they need.

    Evaporation is also kept to a minimum, therefore self-watering planters need only be topped up once or twice a week, saving you time, water and money.