Screening & Fencing

  • Restaurant Fencing

    Classic Garden Elements

    Restaurant Fencing Kit

    Clear contours and a focus on essentials such as precision and timelessness are the core design principles emb…

  • Paravent Fencing Screens

    Classic Garden Elements

    Paravent Fencing Kit

    Offered here is both the Small and Large Paravent Fencing Panels.  Combine these panels with the R22 Para…

  • Bauhaus Fencing Panels by pool

    Classic Garden Elements

    Bauhaus Fencing Kit

    The Bauhaus Fencing Panels are offered in 2 widths and offer a modern modular trellis system suitable for both…

  • Orangery Fence Trellis

    Classic Garden Elements

    Orangery Fence Trellis

    The beautiful Orangery Fence Trellis offers an elegant solution to your screening needs.  Creates a stunn…

  • Monet Fencing Screen or panel


    Monet Fencing Screen

    Screens provide interesting and practical lines in your garden. Create screened walks, secret areas or disguis…