Garden Supplies

Need a replacement stopper for your hummingbird feeder, or a new coco liner for your hayrack planter? Or do you need something to keep deer from eating your plants, or a natural fertilizer to help your garden grow? We stock a variety of garden supplies including garden gloves, tools, animal and insect repellents, planter hooks and brackets, edging, coco fiber liners, seed starters, plant supports and more. These are items that we’ve found to be tried and true, whether by using them in our own gardens or through recommendations of customers and gardening experts. Find what you need to get your garden growing beautifully!

  • Git Spritz an all natural bug repellent

    Lancaster Soapworks

    Git Spritz

    Git Spritz - a 4 oz. spray - distilled water, CD alcohol, polysorbate 20 and essential oils of cedarwood, catn…

  • 5 Star Herbal Salve for dry and chafed hands

    Lancaster Soapworks

    5 Star Herbal Salve

    Handcrafted Herbal Salve for Dry HandsAre your hands dry and chafed after a day of gardening?  Let our 5 …

  • large cloche


    King Size Victorian Bell Cloche

    The Haxnicks King-size Victorian Bell cloches are made from heavy duty vacuum-formed APET and measure 15 inche…

  • Large stainless steel scoop


    Stainless Steel Scoop

    A quality tool at an exceptional price! With its rust resistant stainless steel head and hardwood ash handle, …

  • Hori-hori like knife from DeWit - strong serrated knife


    DeWit Farmer's Serrated Knife

    The DeWit Farmer's Serrated Dagger is an all-purpose garden knife and similar to a Hori knife. Very heavy duty…

  • Tool gift set of 3


    DeWit Tool Gift Set - 3 Piece

    Three of the most popular DeWit lifetime guarantee tools - is a great starter kit or the perfect gift for the …

  • 5 tine cultivator hand tool


    DeWit Cultivator - 5 Tine

    The DeWit 5 Tine Cultivator is great for working in confined spaces. Perfect tool for quick aerating jobs. Agg…

  • Molded coco liners for Window hayracks 24"

    Garden Artisans

    Coco Liners for Window Hayracks

    High quality molded coco fiber liners for your window hayracks.   Window hayracks are flat on one side an…

    $10.99 - $49.99
  • 8" Moss Sphere

    Braun Horticulture

    8" Moss Sphere

    The 8" Moss Spheres are crafted from sturdy wire and stuffed with a natural sphagnum moss.  Create an ent…

  • E staples for erosion control blankets

    American Excelsior Company

    E Staples for Erosion Control Blankets

    E-Staple's unique composition sets it apart from other 100% biodegradable staples. Composed of Polyhydroxyalka…

    $149.00 - $179.00
  • Recyclex TRM-V

    American Excelsior Company


    Recyclex® TRM is a permanent turf reinforcement matting, rolled erosion control blanket made from 100% recycle…

    $319.15 - $325.40
  • Curlex II Erosion Control Green Aspen Fibers with Green Netting

    American Excelsior Company

    Curlex II

    Curlex® II is a double net biodegradable erosion control blanket made from Great Lakes Aspen curled wood excel…

    $54.60 - $111.20