Bigger Digamathing Garden Trowel

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    The Digamating XL has sharp, serrated edges for easy cutting of fibrous roots and tubers. It digs through hard ground with ease and is made from durable and tough stainless steel to tackle multiple gardening chores.

    The soft grip handle provides comfort and a firm grip whilst working with the Digamating XL.

    The spoon shape of the bigger Digamathing garden trowel is etched with measurements in inches and centimeters for correct planting depth of seeds and bulbs. The length of the head of the Bigger Digamathing is 22cm, approximately 8-1/2" long.

    It is designed to scoop out double the amount of soil versus a regular garden hand spade. The curved design with pointed tip and smooth side of the blade cuts effortlessly through the soil to mark out a planting site.