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Comfrey Pellets 750g / 1.65 lb

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    Our comfrey pellets are a pure and natural way of accelerating plant growth by enriching your soil with trace elements, minerals and vitamins creating the perfect environment for good plant growth. NPK:  1.7:0.5:5.3


    How to use:


    Liquid Fertilizer:  Mix 75g (2.64 oz.) of pellets with 500ml (2.11 cups) of hot water (not boiling) into a small container which has a sealed lid. Mash the pellets into a pulp, put the lid on and leave for 3 days. Mix 500ml (2.11 cups) of the diluted solution with 9.5L (2.5 gallons) of water which will give you 10L (2.64 gallons) of liquid feed. To make less or more feed just adjust the pellet and water quantities accordingly.  For example, mixing 150g (5.29 oz.) of pellets and 1L (1 quart) of water will give you enough stock solution to make 20L (5.28 gallons) of feed.

    750g of pellets dilutes to make 100L (26 gallons) of liquid feed.

    Scattering Pellets: One handful of pellets will cover approx 1 square metre (10.76 square feet). You should get around 30 handfuls from each bag so one bag will cover around 30 sq.m (322.5 square feet) when applying as a pellet.