Large, Compost Brown, Grip Style

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    Foxgloves' balance of comfort and performance is the perfect touch for a variety of outdoor activities.  Comfort, style and versatility! The silicone grip ovals combine to provide sure handed, non-slip holding power when using tools in the garden or around the house. Preferred by birders and outdoor photographers.

    • Tight knit keeps hands and fingernails clean
    • Four-way stretch allows complete dexterity
    • Longer length protects wrists, keeps soil out
    • All day comfort that won't lose its shape
    • Machine washable, durable and long-lasting

    Foxgloves are a natural fit for many outdoor activities including:

    • Gardening
    • Birding
    • Photography
    • Hiking
    • Running

    Medium will fit most women's hands. Large will fit most men's hands.