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Coco Bricks - soil amendment, composting toilets, worm bin


Garden Artisans is proud to introduce Coco Fiber Bricks, a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to enhance your garden soil's health and efficiency of composting toilets. Made from natural and renewable coconut fibers, these bricks offer diverse benefits from promoting optimal plant growth to aiding in composting processes.


Derived from coconut coir, a byproduct of the coconut industry, Coco Fiber Bricks are an eco-conscious choice. By using these bricks, you're not only enhancing your garden and composting toilet but also reducing waste and supporting more sustainable practices.

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    Coco Fiber Bricks: Sustainable Solution for Healthy Soil and Composting Toilets

    Coir pith or coco peat is a by-product obtained during the extraction of coir fiber from the coconut husk and is very light, highly compressible and highly hydroscopic, meaning it will readily take up and retain moisture making it perfect in horticultural applications.  

    Our compressed 650 gram coir brick is highly compressed and will expand to approximately 2 gallons when soaked in 1.2 gallons of lukewarm water.

    Coir is an excellent growing medium for all kinds of containers and will improve other potting mixes when blended together. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to use coir:

    • Excellent water retention - irrigation efficiency
    • Excellent air porosity - does not collapse when wet or shrink when dry
    • Hydroponic growing - anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, neutral pH
    • Free of seeds and pathogens - ORMI certified
    • A renewable resource with many advantages over peat moss
    • Holds water without additives
    • Absorbs water evenly without beading on surface
    • Has a neutral pH balance and remains effective for up to 5 years

    Coconut fiber is a proven growing medium. It is a natural alternative to mined peat moss and out-performs most of the popular brands of peat and sphagnum peat. Coco peat has a high content of lignin and cellulose. These components are ideal for mushroom cultivation and other plants that require soil rich in cellulose. Also perfect for the worm bin!

    Coco peat is not nutrient rich but ranks supreme in water retention and air porosity making it a perfect soil conditioner.