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Geo Cube Planter

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Our fiberglass Cube Planter is offered in 15", 21", 24", 28" and 39" sizes.  Comes standard in the hammered aluminum and faux lead textured finishes.  

Fiberglass Advantages:

      Lightweight and an excellent choice when weight is an issue, for example on a roof garden or balcony
      Completely frost proof and non-corrosive
      Totally maintenance free
              Suitable for indoor and outdoor use all year round

Fiberglass saucers not available.  Fiberglass planters do not come standard with drain holes so that they may be used indoors.  If your planter is to be used outdoors, please specify a drain hole.


Item # Description Outside Top Outside Bottom Outside Height Weight
CUBE1 15" Cube 15" 15" 15" 4.4
CUBE2 21" Cube 21" 21" 21" 8.8
CUBE5 24" Cube 24" 24" 24" 20.9
CUBE3 28" Cube 28" 28" 28" 22
CUBE4 39" Cube 39" 39" 39" 59.5



Warranty Information

Capital Garden Products offers a 5 year warranty for weather damage resulting from freezing and thawing IF THE PLANTERS ARE DRILLED FOR DRAINAGE. We will drill the drainage holes in the planters prior to shipping. If they are not drilled, fiberglass may crack just like any other material when subjected to sub-freezing temperatures. We accept returns for defect only.