Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products is a UK-based company.  Designs and finishes are applied in the UK. Products are manufactured in China.  Availability changes frequently, so it is best to phone or email if delivery time is of concern.  

  • Botticelli - Antique Bronze Finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Botticelli - Antique Bronze Finish

    The fiberglass Botticelli planter is a stunning large bowl finished with an antique bronze finish.  Fiber…

  • Beehive Fiberglass Mediterranean Jar

    Capital Garden Products

    The Beehive Jar Mediterranean Style

    The Beehive Jar is a large Mediterranean urn that is deeply ribbed and offered in a terracotta finish.  9…

  • Adam Window Boxes Faux Lead

    Capital Garden Products

    Adam Window Box

    The Adam Window Box is a fiberglass planter based on the formal architecture of the 18th Century Georgian arch…

    $168.00 - $517.00
  • Citadel planters in stone finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Citadel Planter

    The Citadel fiberglass planter is a large round planter in three diameters, 24", 33" and 39" diameters.  …

    $442.00 - $1,244.00
  • Geo Tapered Round Fiberglass Planters in four sizes with an aluminum textured finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Geo Round Tapered Pot

    The Geo Tapered Round fiberglass planters are offered in four diameters: 19", 21", 22" and 28".  The stan…

    $322.00 - $932.00
  • Large fiberglass urn in terracotta finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Sussex Urn - Terracotta

    The large Sussex Urn has a garland design accented by a goat head. The color variations give the look and feel…

  • Fiberglass Bowl planter in a faux lead finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Bowl Planter

    The Geo Bowl planter has a sophisticated simple design that works well in many situations. By placing one plan…

    $363.00 - $1,762.00
  • Fiberglass Window Box in Faux Lead

    Capital Garden Products

    Chelsea Window Box

    The Chelsea window box is crafted from durable and lightweight fiberglass, measures 38" long x 9" wide x 9" hi…

  • Fiberglass Chelsea Trough planter in 3 sizes - faux lead standard finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Chelsea Trough Planters

    Chelsea Trough planters are made from durable and lightweight fiberglass, offered in three sizes and a faux le…

    $1,839.00 - $2,905.00
  • Fiberglass, lightweight square planter - Chippendale square in gloss white

    Capital Garden Products

    Chippendale Planter

    The Chippendale square planters are crafted from lightweight and durable fiberglass - ensuring long life. …

    $255.00 - $618.00
  • Cromwell Fiberglass Square Planters - Faux Lead finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Cromwell Family of Planters

    The Cromwell family of fiberglass planters offer large, lightweight square planters as well as a 39" round pla…

    $612.00 - $3,326.00
  • Tall Round Tapered Fiberglass Planters in a gloss black finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Geo Cone Planter

    The Geo Cone fiberglass planter is a tall slender round tapered planter ranging in heights of 31" to 47". &nbs…

    $414.00 - $1,224.00