Garden Supplies

Need a replacement stopper for your hummingbird feeder, or a new coco liner for your hayrack planter? Or do you need something to keep deer from eating your plants, or a natural fertilizer to help your garden grow? We stock a variety of garden supplies including garden gloves, tools, animal and insect repellents, planter hooks and brackets, edging, coco fiber liners, seed starters, plant supports and more. These are items that we’ve found to be tried and true, whether by using them in our own gardens or through recommendations of customers and gardening experts. Find what you need to get your garden growing beautifully!

  • Vintage Copper Watering Can Shiny

    Garden Artisans

    Vintage Copper Watering Can

    Vintage Copper Watering Can: Timeless Elegance and Practicality Our beautiful Vintage Copper Watering Can is c…

    $89.00 - $99.00
  • 36" Tall Steel Birdbath Stand

    Garden Artisans

    36" Steel Birdbath Stand

    Our Steel Bird Bath Stand easily installs in a lawn or garden bed. 36" tall and perfect for 14" or larger diam…

  • Veggie Mesh Insect Netting for crop protection

    Gardening Naturally

    Standard Veggie Mesh

    Insect Netting - Veggie Mesh - Sold by the FootVeggie-mesh is a fine mesh garden netting designed to protect v…

    $6.09 - $9.99
  • Super-Edg landscape edging made in the USA!

    Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc.

    100 Ft Roll Super-Edg

    Unlike other edging on the market, Super-Edg™ features a 6-inch deep low-profile design that makes it ideal fo…

  • Stakes & Clips for Oly Ola SuperEdg landscape edging

    Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc.

    Case of Stakes + H-Clips

    Case of 50 additional stakes and 10 H-clips to install your Super-Edg™ heavy-duty plastic landscape edgi…

  • Plantskydd all natural repellents - deer, rabbits, voles, elk


    Plantskydd Repellents

    Plantskydd is the #1 choice in repellents and is the first animal repellent to be OMRI listed by the Organic M…

    $21.95 - $349.95
  • Collapsible Lawn Bagg - medium size 15 gallon capacity


    Lawn Bagg - Medium

    The Lawn Bagg is a reusable product used for the collection, storage and hauling of yard waste. Made from a fl…

  • Women's Rose Gauntlet Glove made from goatskin

    Garden Artisans

    Women's Rose Gauntlet Glove

    We offer this buttery soft goatskin Rose Gauntlet glove for an unbeatable price while supplies last. Buttery s…

  • Rose Gauntlet Gloves made from buttery soft goatskin and just for men!

    Garden Artisans

    Men's Rose Gauntlet Gloves

    Our Rose Gauntlet gloves are made from buttery soft goatskin and offer the ultimate in protection.Buttery soft…

  • Flower Pot Rings

    Garden Artisans

    Flower Pot Ring

    Flower Pot Rings are made from strong steel and coated black.  We offer 4", 6", 8" and 10" rings.  A…

    $5.99 - $12.99