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E Staples for Erosion Control Blankets

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$149.00 - $179.00
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    E-Staple's unique composition sets it apart from other 100% biodegradable staples. Composed of Polyhydroxyalkanoate, a plastic that is made from plant sugars and oils.

    This natural plastic eliminates the use of petroleum-based materials. This innovative composition produces unique and unmatched physical and chemical features as well as benefits. Offered in 4" and 6" lengths.  1,000 per box. General recommendations are 2 staples per square yard.


    E-Staples biodegrade by a surface attach mechanism triggered by soil microbes naturally present in the soil. As a consequence, E-Staples will biodegrade faster in more fertile soil because that means there are more microbes breaking down the material. E-Staples biodegrade in cold (43°F) to hot (180°F) conditions and do not rquire a pre-hydrolytic reduction in molecular weight for degradation to begin.

    Pre-hydrolytic reduction generally requires a hot (140°F - 149°F) and moist composting step, which is not a common condition for soils where turf staples are used. E-Staples will biodegrade completely from the soil in 8-24 months depending on site conditions.


        100% biodegradable in cold to hot conditions
        Water resistant and will not soften from moisture during storage
        Barbed shoulders and head for superior holding capabilities
        Environmentally friendly

    Typical Applications

          Wetland and irrigation areas
          Coastal projects
          Golf course applications
          Airport construction
          Enviornmentally sensitive projects
          Mowing applications
          Use with Curlex Net Free for a 100% biodegradable project

    Staple shall be 100% biodegradable from microbial activity in accordance to ASTM D5338 and ASTM D5271