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Bowery Planter

$129.00 - $599.00
$129.00 - $599.00
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    The Bowery collection are tall square tapered planters with an attractive ribbed finish, a false bottom for a sand fill to reduce tipping.  Four heights available.

    • Lightweight - Facilitating easy installation
    • Crack-proof - Manufactured with an extremely resistant resin, ensuring years of enjoyment
    • Double-walled offering excellent durability and an insulative quality plants love
    • Weather-Proof - will not crack in winter or fade in summer
    • False bottom - fill with sand for added stability
    • Pre-drilled drainage holes
    • The top rim has a deep lip providing sturdiness and enhanced elegance
    • Matching saucers available

    Crescent planters are crafted with rotational molding, commonly referred to as "rotomolding."   This is a plastic casting technique used to produce large hollow, seamless, and double-walled parts. It is a three-stage process that involves a mold on a rotating frame, a heating chamber, and a cooling chamber. Molds for the rotomolding process are specially designed and are capable of producing single and double wall products.  Finish can vary from batch to batch.

    Item # Description Outside Top Outside Bottom Inside Top/ Inside Height Outside Height Volume Gals. Saucer #
    A5100 13" Bowery 13" 8.55" 10.50"/17.69" 25.50" 6 A9822
    A5138 15" Bowery 15" 9.71" 11"/18" 30.77" 7.50 A9827
    A5143 17" Bowery 17" 10.78" 13"/20" 34.70" 12 A9832
    A5155 22" Bowery 22" 14.08" 17.90"/26.60" 43.20" 29 A9841




    Warranty Information

    10 Year Limited Warranty

    Crescent Trading Group LLC will replace any Crescent polyethylene rotational molded item if it cracks or fades due to defective workmanship and materials during the first 10 years from the date of purchase.

    Customer is responsible for all Shipping and Handling charges. Should any product fail to comply with this warranty within 10 years Crescent shall, upon written notification, replace the defective planter with its then closest current model, FOB Crescent's closest distribution facility (Please note: Our antique and glazed finishes are not included in the warranty).

    Crescent Too

    Crescent has launched an in-home line of products, such as brightly colored outdoor tableware, as well as some additional planters that are more economical and carry a 2-year warranty. This line of planters is called the Crescent Too.