Trug Tub

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$19.99 - $28.99
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    Trug Tubs are flexible, versatile carriers for the garden with dozens of uses around the home.  Once you've used one, we're sure you'll find it virtually indispensable.

    Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, they are as hard-wearing as a car tire.  Originally made in Spain for harvesting fruit in orchards.

    Use for weeding and pruning - they stand up on their own. Grab both handles with one hand for easy carrying. Also makes a great ice caddy filled with fun summer drinks!


    We have some of the trug tubs with the Fiel stamp left and will ship as orders come in.  We have been informed that Fiel was sold to Rubi about 5 years ago and they are moving away from the Fiel name, so our newer stock will most likely not have the Fiel stamp.  We are told the quality will be the same.