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Trompe l’oeil Perspective Trellis

$1,903.00 - $2,391.00
$1,903.00 - $2,391.00
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    This uniquely designed metal wall trellis creates a fascinating sense of perspective that can make your garden space feel larger and deeper.  Try placing a mirror behind it for the ultimate trompe l’oeil experience. So elegant on its own it doesn’t need a planting, but thanks to its incredibly sturdy galvanized steel construction it’s also the perfect support for almost any climbing vine you can imagine.

    Easily installed, the trellis is mounted on the included brackets to hold it several inches away from the wall.  This protects the façade behind from excessive moisture and provides needed air circulation to keep foliage healthy.  Simply enchanting, it will help you transform your garden into a magical space.

    • 3'3" wide x 6'7" high

    We are now stocking the center section - all others are a special order.  Add special order items to a quote and we will respond with shipping costs and an estimated timeline for delivery.

    Warranty Information

    All metal trellis are welded from solid steel strips and steel tubes, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated to protect against rust. All Classic Garden Element trellises carry a 10-year guarantee against rust.