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Sundial Armillary - Brushed Aluminum


Introducing the Sundial Armillary from Garden Artisans, an exquisite garden accessory that combines timeless elegance with decorative art. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this sundial becomes a captivating centerpiece in your outdoor space, adding a touch of sophistication and practicality to your garden.

The Sundial Armillary is designed to celebrate the celestial beauty and the passage of time. It features a spherical framework with aluminum rings that represent the celestial spheres and the celestial equator. 

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Sundial Armillary: Timeless Elegance and Decorative Art

Stunning 26" Sundial Armillary crafted from long-lasting aluminum and given a bushed aluminum finish.  The 12" base plate comes with corner mounting holes at each corner.

  • Assembly required

This impressive garden decor accent can be paired with our 12" x 30" Black Column Pedestal, Item BACP.  The mounting holes on the Black Column Pedestal will match perfectly to the Sundial Armillary.  Pedestal comes with mounting flanges to secure to patios and decks, as well as screws to secure armillary to the pedestal.