Plantskydd Repellents

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$21.95 - $349.95
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    Plantskydd is the #1 choice in repellents and is the first animal repellent to be OMRI listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for organic food production.

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you find Plantskydd doesn't work for you, just return the empty pack with your receipt for a product refund
    • Rainfast in 24 hours
    • Effective against Deer, Elk, Moose, Rabbit, Hares, Voles, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Mountain Beaver, Nutria, Opossum and other small rodents
    • Proven protection for up to 6 months on dormant plants – 3 to 4 months during active growing season
    • Made in the USA!


    Ready to Use  should be used within 3 months of breaking seal
    1 Quart Protects approximately 100 plants 1 foot high
    1.2 Gallon Protects approximately 500-600 plants 1 foot high
    3 lb. Granular shaker - protects approximately 2,100 square feet
    8 lb. Grandular shaker - protects approximately 4,300 square feet
    1 lb. Powder mix - protects approximately 2,100 square feet
    22 lb. Powder mix - protects approximately 50,000 square feet