Resin / Polyethylene

  • Delano Tall planter from Crescent

    Crescent Garden

    Delano Tall Planter

    Delano Tall is a durable lightweight resin planter with a ribbed texture measuring 16" in diameter x 18" tall.…

  • Delano Round planters

    Crescent Garden

    Delano Round Planter

    Delano Round planters have a textured ridge finish, come in 16", 20", 26" and 34" diameters.  Largest siz…

    $59.00 - $429.00
  • Delano Oval Bowl

    Crescent Garden

    Delano Oval Planter

    The Crescent Delano Oval Planter is offered in 24" and 30" lengths.  This tub like planter is a durable r…

    $93.00 - $177.00
  • Bowery Planters in Crescent Garden's Mocha finish

    Crescent Garden

    Bowery Planter

    The Bowery collection are tall square tapered planters with an attractive ribbed finish, a false bottom for a …

    $129.00 - $599.00
  • Madison planters by Crescent Garden

    Crescent Garden

    Madison Tapered Round Planter

    The Madison planter remains one of Crescent's most popular designs.  The ribbed texture of this round tap…

    $67.00 - $1,533.00
  • Gramercy Square planter in caviar black

    Crescent Garden

    Gramercy Square

    The Gramercy Square is a lightweight, durable resin planter with a ribbed finish offered in a 16" and 20" plan…

    $89.00 - $155.00
  • Gramercy Round Crescent Planter low tapered planter in old bronze

    Crescent Garden

    Gramercy Round

    The Gramercy Round planters from Crescent have a ribbed finish and a strong taper.  Offered in 16" and 20…

    $67.00 - $99.00
  • Dorchester Square in Weathered Terracotta

    Crescent Garden

    Dorchester Square Planter

    The Dorchester Planter is a lightweight 18" square with a classic look.  Lightweight - facilitating easy…

  • Brunello planters from Crescent Garden

    Crescent Garden

    Brunello Planter

    The Crescent Brunello planter collection is a single-walled resin planter offered in 12", 14", 16", 20", 27", …

    $39.00 - $799.00
  • Tall Bleeker planters in a series

    Crescent Garden

    Bleeker Tall Round Planter

    The Bleeker is a tall tapered lightweight resin planter with a ribbed finish.  Offered in 13" 15" and 17"…

    $129.00 - $249.00
  • Festonada Crescent planter in rust

    Crescent Garden

    Festonada Planter

    The Festonada is a round planter crafted from durable lightweight polyethylene with a Mediterranean classic ga…

    $48.00 - $89.00
  • Agave Crescent resin planters

    Crescent Garden

    Agave Planters

    The Agave planter from Crescent has a southwestern flavor and is offered in 14", 18" and 21" diameters. Lightw…

    $59.00 - $129.00