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Paneled Cheslea Trough Planter

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Paneled Chelsea Trough is a rectangular cast stone planter.  The inset panel is on one side only.   Offered in 32" and 54" lengths.

Item # Description Outside Top Outside Bottom Outside Height Weight Saucer #
NCTP32 32" Paneled Chelsea Trough 32" x 24" 27.5" x 19.5" 18" 320 N/A
NCTP54 54" Paneled Chelsea Trough 54" x 36"  49.5" x 31.5"  30.5" 1300 N/A

About cast stone

This planter is crafted from cast stone, superior to cast concrete in look and feel.  Cast stone is a concrete based building material manufactured and molded to simulate natural cut stone.  Nichols Bros.' dry cast products are made from zero slump concrete, using the Vibrant Tamp Method, in a rigid mold, until it is densely compacted.

The raw materials used in the product are Portland cement, Type I, white or gray, multi-sized aggregates of manufactured or natural sand, inorganic iron oxide pigments (when required for coloring), approved admixes (poly-plex and glass fibers) and water. 

All the the mix designs meet with the standard specifications of the Cast Stone Institute for architectural cast stone.

The mid-size and larger pieces are reinforced with galvanized aircraft cable.  Flat surfaces and rings are reinforced with rebar or non-ferrous pipe. 

 All cast stone products ship LTL common carrier.  All products are made to order and non-returnable.

Warranty Information

Using an age-old "dry-casting" method, adding several compounds to the reconstituted sandstone, Nichols Bros. is able to offer a 10-year limited warranty against freeze-thaw damage on all architectural products.

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