Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

  • Victorian vase on French Pedestal - limestone finish

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Victorian Vase

    Cast stone Victorian Vase is an urn style planter offered in two sizes and five color choices:  creme, li…

    $292.00 - $597.00
  • French Cast Sandstone Pedestal in Limestone

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    French Pedestal

    The French Pedestal is a cast stone pedestal standing 33" high with a 21" square footprint. 3-piece construct…

  • Warwick Square Cast Stone Planters

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Warwick Box, Trough & Round Planters

    The Warwick Planter series of cast stone planters are offered in square, rectangular,  trough and round.&…

    $335.00 - $3,031.00
  • Vulliamy Vase Planter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Vulliamy Vase Planter

    The Vulliamy Vase is a striking cast stone urn.   The rim is decorated with the classic egg and dart desi…

  • Vicenza basket weave planter creme

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Vicenza Basket Planter

    The cast stone Vicenza Basket planter offers a basket weave design. Item # Description Outside Top Outside …

    $331.00 - $976.00
  • Sussex Bowl Creme

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Sussex Bowl Planter

    The Sussex Bowl is cast stone low bowl planter offered in four diameters.Item #DescriptionOutside TopOutside B…

    $418.00 - $1,721.00
  • Regency cast sandstone planter tan

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Regency Planter

    The clean simple lines of the Regency planter offers a timeless design in a tapered round planter. Item # D…

    $453.00 - $1,464.00
  • Round Saucer for Concrete Planter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Round Saucer for Concrete Planter

    The round saucers offered here are crafted from a concrete and resin mix strong enough to hold heavy concrete …

    $46.00 - $238.00
  • Paneled Chelsea Box Planter Creme

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Paneled Chelsea Box Planter

    The Chelsea Box with Panels is a large square cast stone planter offered in two sizes.  A matching saucer…

    $1,207.00 - $1,555.00