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Orangery Wall Trellis

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    The Orangery Wall Trellis is made from 0.79” (2 cm) steel tubing and steel bands. Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Attachment hooks provided for a recommended wall-trellis distance of 3.94” (10 cm). Not included are wall plugs and screws.

    • 28" Wide x 72" High
    • 33 lbs.

    This is one of our most popular metal wall trellises. Weighing in at an impressive 33 lb., you’ll be enjoying this solid trellis for decades to come! 

    Other colors on request. 10 years guarantee against rust.


    The perfect Metal Wall Trellis for Roses and Clematis

    The elegant orangery buildings of the 18th century are the inspiration for the unusual design of this trellis. It is not just its shape – rounded like a classical orangery window which puts this trellis into a class of its own. It is also the high-class craftsmanship which went into the making of this wrought iron trellises. Even when not planted, they add style and character to an otherwise plain wall. Covered in blooms, Classic Garden Elements Orangery Wall Trellises create a delightful connection between house and garden.

    Vigorous climbing roses will appreciate the stability of the Orangery Wall Trellis, the elegant iron cousin of the more rural wooden variety. Unlike a wooden trellis, however, a metal trellis will not need to be treated annually with protection agents, some of which can be at least partially toxic. The 10-centimetre gap between frame and façade prevents dampness by allowing air to circulate freely. To make pruning easier strong shoots should always be planted on the outside of the frame and not allowed to grow in and out of the latticework. Honeysuckle and other clinging plants will look highly attractive on this trellis.

    This wall trellis features a graceful Fanlight Window typical in Conservatories. 

    For the modern house of today, metal wall trellises are particularly suitable. Not only are they more graceful in appearance than wood but are also highly durable. Wooden wall trellises were once more commonly used to train plants on the walls of historic buildings, partly as a way of keeping the cost down. While they too can support a plant over several years, their slats are much thicker and make a façade seem excessively rustic. In the formal gardens of France and the Netherlands, wooden trellises are often painted dark green or black (imitating the metal alternative). In this way, they provide an ideal background for rose petals of various colors and complement the façade of the house.

    Warranty Information

    All metal trellis are welded from solid steel strips and steel tubes, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated to protect against rust. All Classic Garden Element trellises carry a 10-year guarantee against rust.