Monet Garden Arch

$409.00 - $1,205.00

Add a touch of elegance and charm to your garden with the Monet Garden Arch from Garden Artisans. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by the timeless beauty of Monet's gardens, this garden arch creates a stunning focal point that will transform your garden. 

Lattice is an optional extra. Please refer to chart below.

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Monet Garden Arch: Elevate Your Home Garden's Aesthetic

The Agriframes Monet garden arch is crafted in the traditional French shape, as created by the artist Monet, in his famous garden at Giverny. The flatter profile hoop makes this ideal for wider spans.  The Monet arch is offered in three quality ranges.  All height measurements are above ground. 12" is given for in-ground placement.

  • Galvanized tubular steel inside and out
  • Fully welded metal connectors
  • All structures are shipped as components and must be assembled
  • Given a textured matte black "forged" finish
  • Infill available as optional extra
  • Once assembled the structures incur low maintenance and will last for many years
SKU Range Width Height Depth Lattice Kit Instructions
30134-TBK Classic 4' 6'10' 18" 70934 30134-TBK
30135-TBK Classic 5' 7'6" 18" 70934 30135-TBK
40135-TBK Classic Extra 5' 7'6" 24" 70942 40135-TBK
40136-TBK Classic Extra 6' 7'6" 24" 70901 40136-TBK
40137-TBK Classic Extra 7' 7'6" 24" 70901 40137-TBK
40138-TBK Classic Extra 8' 7'6" 24" 70908 40138-TBK
40139-TBK Classic Extra 9' 7'10" 24" 70908 40139-TBK
40130-TBK Classic Extra 10' 7'10" 24" 70908 40130-TBK
50132-TBK Landscape 12' 7'10" 24" 70939 50132-TBK

**Please note - conversion from cm to inches is not precise

Classic Range

  • 3/4" diameter galvanized steel tubular uprights (sectional) and 5/8" horizontals
  • Welded metal fittings make assembly a breeze
  • Designed for structures 4' to 5' in width
  • Matte black "forged" texture
  • Custom colors available as special order

Classic Extra Range

  • 1" diameter galvanized steel tubular uprights (one piece) and 7/8" horizontals
  • Welded metal fittings make assembly a breeze
  • Matte black "forged" texture
  • Custom colors available as special order

Landscape Range

  • 1" diameter galvanized steel tubular uprights (one piece) and horizontals
  • Welded metal fittings making assembly a breeze
  • Designed for structures 12' and up offering the ultimate in wide span load bearing capabilities
  • Matte black "forged" texture
  • Custom colors available as special order



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