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Mini Coco Fiber Roll - 24" wide x 10 feet long

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    Our Mini Coco Fiber Roll is made from the brown fibers of the coconut, a 100 % environmentally friendly and renewable source.  Coco fiber is a natural byproduct from coconut farming in Sri Lanka. Bulk rolls can be cut to fit containers of any size or shape.  Needle punched into a roll measuring 24" wide x 10 feet long.  Approximately 1/2" thickness.

    The soft, brown coco fibers are a natural by-product from coconut farming.  Our coco rolls are manufactured in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) from a 100% environmentally friendly and renewable resource.  They offer a neutral pH of 5.4 to 6.8, are 100% natural and washing in fresh water.  Our specified minimum thickness is 10mm.  Our coco rolls are needle punched and do not have any latex for molding.  Needle punched is simply a method of weaving the fiber.  Rolls may be cut to any size.

    Our coco rolls are not currently certified organic, due to the need for spraying prior to entering the US.