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Large Thistle Sun Metal Wall Art

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A truly glorious accent for your home or garden, our Large Thistle Sun blazes away with a coral-like network of rays encircling a gently smiling visage.  An artistic blend of both the natural and mystical worlds, with a uniquely evocative appeal.

  • 29" diameter

These pieces are crafted in Haiti using repurposed metal, the artisans following in the footsteps of renowned Haitian blacksmith and artist George Liataud. Liataud pioneered this art form in the mid 1950s, using steel oil drums, railway spikes, and flattened tin sheets to fashion imaginative representations of animals, mermaids, humans, and spiritual forms. 

As is the tradition, the design is first chalked onto a flattened steel oil drum, then cut out by hand with a mallet and chisel.  Unpainted works may be used inside, or outside where they will patina over time.  If patination is not desired, outdoor pieces can be sprayed with a clear coat (such as Krylon crystal) every 18 to 24 months.