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Introducing Lamp Post Basket Brackets from Garden Artisans, the perfect solution to elevate the beauty and charm of your lamp posts. These versatile brackets offer a simple and effective way to hang baskets filled with vibrant flowers or trailing foliage, allowing you to create stunning hanging displays that add a picturesque touch to your city center, community, or commercial property.


Lamp Post Basket Brackets are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Made from durable PVC coated steel, these brackets provide reliable support for our lamp post hanging baskets. Their solid construction ensures stability, allowing you to confidently and securely display your beautiful floral arrangements.

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    Our heavy-duty Lamppost Bracket is crafted from steel and coated with black PVC to ensure a long life. Designed to fit lampposts 5" to 7" in diameter. Suited to hold large hanging baskets.  

    • Double bracket measures 40" across x 15-3/4" high; each side extends 18.5" from pole 
    • Single bracket extends 18.5" from pole x 15-3/4" high
    • Supplied with necessary bolts (stainless steel) and washers
    • Thick PVC coating in black to ensure a long life
    • Double tested to hold up to 198 lbs
    • Single tested to hold up to 120 lbs

    We are also able to quote custom brackets should that be necessary.  Please call customer service to inquire.