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Heavy-Duty S Hook

$3.49 - $5.29

Introducing S Hooks from Garden Artisans, the versatile and functional garden accessories that simplify your outdoor organization. These simple yet effective hooks offer an easy and efficient way to hang and organize a variety of items in your garden, making your gardening tasks more convenient and enjoyable.

S Hooks are designed with practicality in mind. Made from hand forged steel, these hooks are built to withstand outdoor conditions and provide long-lasting performance. Their sturdy construction ensures reliable support for a range of objects, from hanging plants and bird feeders to garden tools and decorative accents.

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S Hooks: Versatile and Functional Garden Accessories

Heavy duty S Hooks in sizes from 4" to 30".   S-hooks are a household staple simply because they are so handy for hanging things.  Use to hang plants, pots and pans, hoses.  You name it - you can hang it.  Our S-Hooks are hand forged from steel and powder coated black.

  • 1" Opening
    • 4" S Hook - Item GH1-4
    • 6" S Hook - Item RS6
    • 8" S Hook - Item GH1-8
  • 2" Opening
    • 6" S Hook - Item GH2-6
    • 12" S Hook - Item GH2-12
    • 18" S Hook - Item GH2-18
    • 24" S Hook - Item GH2-24
  • 3" Opening
    • 30" S Hook - Item GH3-30

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