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Heavy Duty Forged Bypass Secateurs - Spear & Jackson

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The Spear & Jackson Heavy-Duty Forged Bypass Secateurs offer a high carbon steel blade for lasting sharpness, forged aluminum alloy handle construction for optimum strength and performance.

    Blade notch for cutting thicker stems
    Sap groove and riveted lower blade
    Stepped locking catch for wide or narrow cutting width
    Rubber shock absorber
    Maximum cut 3/4" diameter
    Carries a 10 year warranty 

Dimensions: 8 1/2" overall, Blade 2 11/16"

Bypass secateurs have two blades that pass each other, with a cutting action similar to scissor blades. The blades allow a gardener to get into tighter spaces, whether to cut near a bud or to cut side-shoots back to the main stem. Bypass secateurs are the type you are most likely to come across. But if you have a lot of woody, hard stems to cut, then it is worth considering anvil secateurs as a second pair.