Gifts Under $25

  • Cool Mud Gardening Gloves

    Mud Glove

    Cool Mud Gloves

    Ideal for working outdoors in hot, dry weather, these cool gloves provide an unequaled combination of breathab…

  • Go Grow Kit - 10 Pack - plant your own seeds or cuttings. Benefits include: Reduced transfer damage, moisture retention, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

    Garden Artisans

    Go Grow Kit

    Go Grow Kit is a package that contains 10 growing cells each with a biodegradable coco pot and planting disk t…

  • Fleur de Lis Wall Hook


    Fleur de Lis Wall Hook

    This Fleur de Lis Wall Hook is crafted from aluminum and given an antique brass finish.  Back side has tw…

  • Candle Holder for floral arrangements


    Frog Candle Holder

    Combination pin frog flower holder as well as candle holder - perfect for a table centerpiece.Dark brown plast…

  • Garden Sieve with plastic base and two interchangeable galvanized mesh screens for both fine screening and more coarse material.


    Fine Mesh Garden Sieve

    This fine mesh sieve is made of plastic, green in color and offers interchangeable galvanized mesh screens for…

  • Delightful standing Mouse

    Cliff Myers

    Standing Mouse

    Artist Cliff Myers worked extensively with miniatures and stained glass before immersing himself in the castin…

  • Coir Snail Boot Brush

    Garden Artisans

    Snail Boot Brush

    Boot brush crafted from coir fiber and steel wire into the shape of a snail. A portable, durable, extremely ef…

    MSRP: $19.99
  • Platform Feeder


    Going Green Platform Feeder

    Birds love the openness of a platform feeder. Our feeder is made from 90% recycled plastic and comes with a ga…

  • Minnows Dish Towel Set

    Park Designs

    Minnows Dishtowel Set

    Set of 2 100% cotton dish towels with a delightful repeat Minnows print.  A Split P design.Sold as set of…