Garden Supplies

Need a replacement stopper for your hummingbird feeder, or a new coco liner for your hayrack planter? Or do you need something to keep deer from eating your plants, or a natural fertilizer to help your garden grow? We stock a variety of garden supplies including garden gloves, tools, animal and insect repellents, planter hooks and brackets, edging, coco fiber liners, seed starters, plant supports and more. These are items that we’ve found to be tried and true, whether by using them in our own gardens or through recommendations of customers and gardening experts. Find what you need to get your garden growing beautifully!

  • Bigger Digamathing Garden Trowel


    Bigger Digamathing Garden Trowel

    The Digamating XL has sharp, serrated edges for easy cutting of fibrous roots and tubers. It digs through har…