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Exedra Half Round Trellis

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    The term Exedra, which has its origins in classical architecture, refers to a niche-like space for placing a sculpture or statue in. Today, Classic Garden Element uses its half-round metal niche 5’11” high x 3’3” wide in two different ways.

    As a space divider in the garden, it stands freely, secured by ground anchors. Alternatively, attached to a wall with the curve facing outwards, it serves as an expansive trellis. In either case, the attractive semi-circular diamond latticework acts as a support for climbing plants.

    The Exedra Metal Wall Trellis, which is attached to walls or façades with rawlplugs, is quite a voluminous structure. Its generous proportions mean that creepers and climbers can be trained to grow horizontally or in fan form before being allowed to grow directly upwards. If space permits, plant your climbers about 1’7” away from the wall of the house, if possible completely out of the house wall’s ‘rain shadow’. This way all plants grow more luxuriantly than if planted directly at the house façade.

    You will often come across less substantial half-round, wrought-iron rose supports. With a maximum diameter of 16”, they support roses close up to the wall, especially where the space between pavement and façade is almost too restricted to allow climbing plants to grow. These supports, a corset of welded iron stakes, are often so narrow that the roses shoot upwards much too quickly. Before long, the lower stems age and lose their foliage.

    The ‘Exedra’ Wall Trellis offers three to four times more space for your roses than these tighter wall supports. You can also use them to conceal unattractive drainpipes behind a veil of green and disguise other eyesores. They will also enliven long and monotonous walls around the perimeter of a garden.

    Unlike their wooden counterparts, metal wall trellises like the Exedra do not require annual treatment with protection agents, some of which can be toxic. Thus, a metal wall trellis is not only sturdier and longer-lasting than a wooden trellis but also much lower maintenance.

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    Warranty Information

    All metal trellis are welded from solid steel strips and steel tubes, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated to protect against rust. All Classic Garden Element trellises carry a 10-year guarantee against rust.