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Enclosed Garden Arbor

Special order item - allow 8 to 10 weeks
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Enclosed Garden Arbors offered in Victorian or Roman styles.  Elegance, polish and sturdiness are the characteristics of these beautiful enclosed arbors from Classic Garden Elements.

Victorian Arbor

Item # R7 - 5'11" W x 9'3" H x 2'7" D - 176 lbs.

Roman Arbor

Item # R1 - 6'7" W x 9'2" H x 2'4" D - 198 lbs.


Heavy steel bands and steel tubing are welded together and subsequently galvanized by hot-dip at 860 degrees Fahrenheit.  Such galvanization is also effect in the rust-prone welded areas and inside the tubing.

The structures are powder coated at 392 degrees Fahrenheit.  At this temperature the color and the sand-brushed galvanized surface fuse to create an extremely weather resistant surface.

Manufactured so that very little assembly is required.  Special order item. Allow 8 to 10 weeks.