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Coco Liners for Window Hayracks

$10.99 - $49.99
$10.99 - $49.99

Introducing Window Hayrack Coco Liners from Garden Artisans, the perfect solution to enhance your windowbox. Made from natural and eco-friendly materials, these coco liners provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating a vibrant and flourishing display of plants.


Window Hayrack Coco Liners are crafted from high-quality coconut fibers, known for their excellent moisture retention properties. These liners act as a natural sponge, absorbing and distributing water evenly to the roots of your plants, promoting healthy growth and reducing the need for frequent watering.

What sets these coco liners apart is their custom design to ensure a good fit for your planter. Designed to fit window hayrack planters, these liners provide a sturdy base for your plants, keeping them secure while allowing excess water to drain freely. Their semi-flexible nature allows them to conform to the shape of the planter, while also ensuring a stable support for your plant(s). 

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    High quality molded coco fiber liners for your window hayracks.   Window hayracks are flat on one side and fit up against a wall or fence.  The fronts and sides of these liners are rounded.  Meant to last for multiple seasons.

    • Available lengths:  24", 30", 36", 44", 55", 72"

    For molded 80" liners please search for MLTC26 and MLTC26EX

    About our liners

    Our goal is to bring to our customers the best replacement liners found in the market.  We specify a minimum thickness of 10mm.   

    The soft, brown coco fibers, are a natural by-product from coconut farming.  Our liners are manufactured in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

    • 100% environmentally friendly and renewable resource
    • 100% natural - washed in fresh water
    • Neutral pH of 5.4 to 6.8

    Molded liners are formed as a sort of tub with latex from the rubber plant and are formed to fit our hayrack type planters.  When they first arrive, they are generally very stiff and may stick up above your planter's rim.  This is a good thing, because as time passes, the coco fibers relax into baskets.  This will happen with all coco liners, so if it fits immediately at your rim, once it relaxes, you will have a gap between the top of your planter and the top of your liner allowing water and soil to escape.  That's why we specify an additional 1/2" depth to all our molded liners.