Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products is a UK-based company.  Designs and finishes are applied in the UK. Products are manufactured in China.  Availability changes frequently, so it is best to phone or email if delivery time is of concern.  

  • Fiberglass Bowl Fountain

    Capital Garden Products

    Bowl Fountain

    The Bowl Fountain is crafted in fiberglass and offered in four sizes from 24" diameter to a 47" diameter. …

    $1,216.00 - $3,115.00
  • Extra Large Bollinger Fiberglass Planter

    Capital Garden Products

    Bollinger Planter

    The extra large Bollinger planters from Capital Garden Products will most certainly turn heads with their impr…

    $2,963.00 - $3,384.00
  • Beton Fiberglass Planter

    Capital Garden Products

    Beton Planter

    Big and bold these industrial styled planters imitate a textured heavy concrete but the beauty is they are dec…

    $1,170.00 - $3,783.00
  • Bell Jar Planters - Beaten Copper on white background

    Capital Garden Products

    Bell Jar Planter

    Bell Jar planters are a unique choice of plant pot.  Standard finish choice is beaten copper.  The…

    $615.00 - $1,679.00
  • Arabesque Hexagon Planter - Antique Brass Finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Arabesque Hexagon Planter

    The Arabesque plant pots are crafted from lightweight fiberglass, have a hexagon shape and are offered in 16",…

    $544.00 - $1,407.00
  • Adam 12" Square Fiberglass Planter White Background

    Capital Garden Products

    Adam Square

    The Adam Square planter is based on the formal architecture of the 18th Century Georgian architect Robert Adam…

    $135.00 - $303.00