Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products is a UK-based company.  Designs and finishes are applied in the UK. Products are manufactured in China.  Availability changes frequently, so it is best to phone or email if delivery time is of concern.  

  • Pineapple themed fiberglass planters - 3 sizes

    Capital Garden Products

    Pineapple Planter

    The Pineapple planters are crafted, as the name suggests, with a pineapple theme. Their straight sides and gen…

    $124.00 - $2,017.00
  • Pall Mall square fiberglass planters with antique bronze finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Pall Mall Square Planter

    This elegant lightweight fiberglass planter, the Pall Mall, is crafted from lightweight fiberglass and is…

    $1,260.00 - $1,915.00
  • Oval fiberglass planters - 3 sizes, small to large

    Capital Garden Products

    Oval Planters

    The Oval plant pot has an elliptical shape and is a lightweight planter with a contemporary look.  Availa…

    $262.00 - $3,675.00
  • Long Tom Fiberglass tall round planters

    Capital Garden Products

    Long Tom Planter

    The Long Tom planter is a lightweight fiberglass planter with a tall slender profile.  Tapered round plan…

    $305.00 - $482.00
  • Lisbon tall

    Capital Garden Products

    Lisbon Tall Round Planter

    The clean modern lines of the desirable Lisbon planter makes it a real statement piece. Made of fiberglass the…

    $423.00 - $1,604.00
  • The fiberglass Large Pot has a classic terracotta pot look.  23" diameter through 63" diameters.

    Capital Garden Products

    Large Pot

    Subtle in design, extravagant in proportion; these large fiberglass pots in a terracotta finish are a real sho…

    $1,031.00 - $4,253.00
  • Round fiberglass planter with Ivy decorations 4 sizes available

    Capital Garden Products

    Ivy Planter Pot

    The Ivy planter mimics terracotta but is actually crafted from fiberglass - ensuring long life.  Offered …

    $205.00 - $824.00