How Garden Structures can Elevate your Garden

How Garden Structures can Elevate your Garden

Posted by JK on Jul 3rd 2023

When looking to spruce up your garden - no matter the size or style - garden structures such as garden archways or wall trellises add dimension and depth that cannot be achieved with a pot or statue.  A garden arch covered in colorful scented climbers will add height and focus.  Gazebos and pergolas separate the exquisite garden from the mundane. To elevate your garden from merely a collection of plants to a distinctive enclave of tranquility that echoes mood, purpose, absence of time and heightened meaning, consider not only what is planted in it, but how your garden is shaped.

Garden Structures can range from simple to extravagant but above all, they define the lines along which your garden will integrate your home with the outside world and help you to create a framework on which your garden will grow.

Garden Arches & Arbors

When researching the purchase of a garden arch we feel it is important to choose a structure that will provide many years of service.  There is nothing more disappointing than watching the plant you have nursed from a small transplant to spectacular specimen be cut down due to a failing garden structure, so choose wisely.  

There are many types of garden structures in the marketplace - wood, aluminum, steel, even plastic.  

The usefulness of a Garden Arch in your Yard:
  • Arches allow gardeners to place a classic architectural shape as an entry structure that invites and entices people into a garden paradise
  • Form romantic and fragrant gateways from one part of your garden to another
  • Add vertical interest to your garden
  • Provide support for vines and allow you to bring fragrant plants closer for sensory perception
  • Frame a beautiful view or special piece of art
  • Place an arch between two different areas of your garden to mark a transition or just heighten anticipation of what lies beyond
  • Showcase your favorite climbing plant
  • Add lights to create nighttime interest

Monet Garden Arch

York Garden Arch

Gothic Garden Arch

Wall Garden Arch

Garden Trellises - Wall and Free-standing

  • Free-standing trellises bring your plants up off the ground providing beautiful flower displays
  • Place anywhere you like to obtain vertical interest
  • Strong enough to support vigorous climbing plants

  • Wall trellises hide unsightly walls
  • Create interest on boring open walls
  • Boost your home's curb appeal with flowering vines
  • Maximize growing space
Our Garden Structures

We carry metal garden structures - mostly steel and aluminum.

When choosing steel we source galvanized steel that is also powder coated. This will ensure the longest life possible for your steel structure. 

All our aluminum structures are crafted from a gauge to ensure the strength necessary for the intended use of the trellis, arch or other garden structure.

About oxidation in steel & aluminum:

Steel, when left untreated with galvanization will over time result in iron oxide (rust), which is a soft red colored metal that begins to expand and flake off as it is chemically transformed exposing more of the underlying steel or iron to the air. This process continues until the metal is completely transformed to iron oxide.

Aluminum, while it does not rust, does corrode. Aluminum oxide is different. It is actually quite hard and serves as a protective coating around the underlying aluminum. It doesn’t flake off like iron oxide and therefore, once the outer layer of aluminum “rusts” the process stops and the aluminum is protected. This can result in a mottled whitish finish, which is why all our aluminum structures are powder coated. 

Screening & Fencing

  • Customizable fencing available upon request
  • Screen an ugly mechanical box
  • A fenced patio area can feel like its own little garden
  • Fencing can add security but maintain a view
  • Hide HVAC mechanicals
  • Increase privacy

Gazebos & Pavilions

  • Gazebos create a dramatic structure and focal point in any garden
  • Ideally suited to join paths, frame a statue, fountain or other garden feature
  • Four-opening design provides entry from many angles
  • Perfect to frame a wedding party

Rose Pillars & Obelisks

  • Place singly, in pairs or in groups
  • Flowers and foliage on black steel columns add variety to your borders
  • Place them by paths, doors and gates bringing color and scent to enliven your senses
  • We offer both garden and park size obelisks by Classic Garden Elements

Pergolas & Garden Archways

  • Pergolas form tunnels and fragrant gateways from one part of your garden to another
  • Frame a dining area
  • Create an entryway to your garden
  • Shade a too sunny area 
  • Create privacy from a neighbor