While it probably still feels like summer in most places around the country, autumn is just around the corner, bringing with it plenty more gardening tasks to mark off your checklist. Below is a short list:

  • Remove dying or dead annuals and compost them. If you’re left with a bare spot in your garden, move a pot to the area or plant autumn blooming flowers such as sedum or chrysanthemums.
  • Order spring-flowering bulbs for planting when the weather gets cooler. Mid-September is the perfect time to plant bulbs.
  • When it gets a bit cooler during September/October, you can divide your perennials, making sure to water the transplanted ones thoroughly. Now is also the time to plant new perennials and trees and shrubs too.
  • Continue to deadhead your annuals and perennials to maximize blooming.
  • Continue to harvest any vegetable crops that you’ve grown. Once they are spent, remove them and clear away the weeds to prepare your garden plot for winter. It’s important to get rid of any pests or diseased material now so that they don’t affect your spring garden.
  • Continue to water your plants, especially if summer weather lingers. Make sure camellias, rhododendrons; azaleas and hydrangeas have enough water to ensure good bud growth for the following spring.

With a little bit of planning and work, your garden will be neat, tidy and ready for the next growing season.