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# 3 Hummingbird Feeder Stopper with No Bearing

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The # 3 Hummingbird Feeder Stopper with no ball bearing.  Each stopper has a conical shape.  **please note the # 3 is a slightly different size from the STOP4's we sold in prior years.  We can no longer get that stopper size.  


SKU Size millimeter fraction
NB3 Small

24mm top x 18mm

15/16" top x 45/64" bottom 

Glass tube diameter is 1/4" and 2-1/2" long. Overall length 3-1/4".  Stopper length is 25mm or 63/64".

TIP: Always fill your feeder completely full with cool nectar. Insert the stopper and invert quickly to avoid any air entering the feeder. Tube feeders operate on a vacuum principle. Only if the feeder is initially filled completely full will the vacuum form!

Always measure the opening on your feeder before ordering.  Every feeder is different. We cannot pay for return shipping.