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Veggie Mesh Garden Netting - 13'9" wide x 32'10" long

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Veggie-mesh is a fine mesh garden netting designed to protect vegetable and soft fruit crops from a range of insect pests, birds, rabbits and the weather.

Prevented pests: carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, cutworm, leek moth, leaf miners and many species of aphids.

Vegetables may be covered all year round from planting right up to harvest. lay flat over the bed allowing enough slack for the growth of the crop. Bury the edges or secure with pegs ensuring there are no gaps. Do not cover plants during flowering if they depend on pollination by bees.

Mesh is supplied in a vegetable net - perfect for storing netting when not in use and doubles as a vegetable harvest bag.

Mesh size .0531 or 1.35mm holes, 90% light transmission, 75% air circulation. With care it will last 10 years.

  • VM4210 - 13'7" wide x 32'8" long (4.2m x 10m)