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Strawberry Mats Pack of 6

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    Strawberry mats which are impregnated with copper to stop slugs & snails, retain moisture & suppress weeds and keep the fruit clean.  Just pop onto strawberry plants easily.

    Reusable for several years.  Sold in packs of 6.  Each disk is 27cm (11") in diameter. 

    Where to use

    Protects susceptible plants including hostas, patio plants, strawberries, lettuce and vegetables.  Place under pots and ensure there is a 4 to 6 inch barrier around the pot. 

    How to use

    • Lay the dark side facing upwards
    • Ensure slugs and snails are removed from plants prior to laying down the fabric
    • Do not allow plant leaves to hang over the edge of the fabric as slugs and snails could move onto the plant without going onto the fabric
    • Remove any debris including soil & leaves, as this reduces its effect as a barrier