Rome Industries

Rome Industries

  • Solid Brass Rose Sundial

    Rome Industries

    Solid Brass Rose Sundial

    The Solid Brass 8.5" diameter octagonal sundial design from Rome has a detailed rose focal point. Motto reads:…

  • Solid Brass Happiness Sundial

    Rome Industries

    Solid Brass Happiness Sundial

    Sold brass sundial embossed with “The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here”, a l…

  • Wrought Iron Pedestal for Rome Brass Sundials

    Rome Industries

    Wrought Iron Flowerbed Pedestal

    The Wrought Iron Flowerbed Pedestal is crafted from iron and is the perfect height for flowerbed placement.&nb…

  • 4 Up Hotdog Roaster

    Rome Industries

    4 Up Hotdog Roaster

    This hinged hotdog roaster called the 4-Up Safe T-Roaster from Rome holds four dogs or brats without poking a …

  • Hamburger Grill Basket

    Rome Industries

    Grill Basket

    A grill basket allows a secure way to grill and flip your food without the poking, lifting and grabbing.  …

  • hotdog & marshmallow forks

    Rome Industries

    Hotdog and Marshmallow Forks

    Colorful wood handled marshmallow and hotdog forks are perfect for summertime get-togethers. Sold as a set o…

  • Kabob Skewers

    Rome Industries

    Kebab Skewers - set of 6

    Set of 6 chrome-plated Kebab Skewers.  Make delicious kebabs while camping.  Easy to use, easy to cl…

  • grilling basket

    Rome Industries

    Outdoor Grilling Basket

    Grilling veggies & shrimp over an open fire is fantastic, but how many times has your grub ended up in the…