Resin / Polyethylene

  • Black Ridge Planter

    Crescent Garden

    Flex Ridge Planter - 2 Pack

    The Flex Ridge planter by Crescent has a traditional look with modern innovations.   Easily transfor…

    $94.00 - $199.00
  • TruDrop Flex Insert & Gauge - 2 Pack

    Crescent Garden

    TruDrop Flex Insert & Gauge - 2 Pack

    Change the way you garden with the advanced TruDrop Flex self-watering insert and water level indicator from C…

    $79.00 - $155.00
  • Urn planter in dark rust

    Riverside Plastics

    Urn Planter

    The Urn planter is a very popular style.  The large opening tapers down with multiple ribs down the side …

    $72.00 - $498.30
  • Rolled Rim  shown in white

    Riverside Plastics

    Rolled Rim Planter

    Classic Rolled Rim Planter suits most any style architecture A classical Rolled Rim Planter crafted from stron…

    $73.00 - $1,885.40
  • Gradino Planter

    Riverside Plastics

    Gradino Planter

    The unique contemporary design of the Gradino Planter from Riverside is a tapered round design that steps down…

    $91.00 - $1,314.00
  • Large cylinder planter by Riverside Plastics shown in terracotta

    Riverside Plastics

    Cylinder Planter

    The Cylinder Planter from Riverside offers a spacious planting area and is recommended for interior and exteri…

    $46.00 - $2,046.00
  • Bell Planter from Riverside Plastics - shown in quarry black

    Riverside Plastics

    Bell Planter

    The Bell Planter from Riverside has a large flared opening and decorative ring surrounding the body. The taper…

    $47.00 - $1,884.30
  • Low Rolled Rim planter in grey

    Riverside Plastics

    Low Rolled Rim Planter

    The Low Rolled Rim Planter from Riverside may be used as an interior or exterior planter regardless of climate…

    $55.00 - $553.30
  • Low Cylinder planter shown in taupe

    Riverside Plastics

    Low Cylinder Planter

    The Low Cylinder Planter from Riverside Plastics works well inside or out and offers plenty of room for roots.…

    $48.00 - $583.00
  • Flat bottom bowl in dark rust

    Riverside Plastics

    Flat Bottom Bowl Planter

    The Flat Bottom Bowl Planter by Riverside is recommended for interior and exterior use regardless of climate b…

    $47.00 - $578.60