Welcome to Garden Artisans, your destination for modern and durable fiberstone planters. Our collection of high-quality fiberstone planters is designed to bring a contemporary touch to your home garden. Explore our range of stylish options today and create an elegant and sophisticated outdoor space.

  • Aja Small in White


    Aja Planter

    Aja’s flowing yet winningly edgy style demands a second look. Add an exciting, dynamic ambience with thi…

    $122.00 - $490.00
  • Rhea Fiberstone planter large in Creme


    Rhea Planter

    A geometrical feast for the eyes, Rhea’s graphic, futuristic shape is at once perplexing and pleasing.&n…

    $28.00 - $347.00
  • Ziva fiberstone pot shown in Anthracite


    Ziva Fiberstone Pot

    Ziva has universal appeal thanks to its simple urn shape and uplifting design.  Much more interesting tha…

    $193.00 - $343.00
  • Pan planter is a low bowl planter with an organic finish - shown in anthracite and grey


    Pan Planter

    The low, rounded shape of Pan provides a solid, grounded effect that visually connects your planting to the ea…

    $53.00 - $137.00
  • Damu fiberstone pot in white finish


    Damu Planter

    This cylindrical fiberstone pot offers an updated feel and lively flow with its asymmetrically sculpted layers…

    $123.00 - $438.00
  • Vesta medium fiberstone planter in grey


    Vesta Planter

    The sculpted horizontal bands of the Vesta fiberstone pot add a modern edge to a traditional low urn-shaped pl…

    $137.00 - $963.00
  • Terra fiberstone pot in red


    Terra Planter

    An updated take on a classic shape, Terra blends seamlessly with any décor.  Available in 7 sizes …

    $11.00 - $245.00
  • Ra Fiberstone Pot in Large Anthracite


    Ra Planter

    Classically curvaceous with an organic elegance, Ra lends a softening effect to any room or landscape. Three s…

    $210.00 - $403.00
  • Indra fiberstone planters


    Indra Planter

    Indra’s versatile, simple yet graceful design is forever relevant.  Available in 7 sizes to accommo…

    $11.00 - $263.00
  • Diana Large fiberstone pot in Creme


    Diana Planter

    Diana’s rounded silhouette, simple styling, and more than ample size offerings allow for countless resid…

    $172.00 - $1,330.00
  • Aure in Anthracite - tall round tapered fiberstone planter


    Aure Planter

    Aure takes the traditional terra cotta pot shape to new heights, literally. With a modestly tapered outline an…

    $63.00 - $147.00
  • Ash fiberstone planter medium in Anthracite


    Ash Planter

    Ash’s refreshing fluid lines and graceful shape will harmonize tastefully with any décor. Whether…

    $238.00 - $770.00
  • Artemis Medium Fiberstone Planter in Anthracite


    Artemis Planter

    The sleek spherical shape of Artemis resonates with the collective unconscious, imparting a satisfying sense o…

    $69.00 - $438.00
  • Ares Small Fiberstone Planter Pot in creme


    Ares Planter

    Traditional with a touch of the unexpected, Ares cleanly sculpted good looks are sure to jazz up your home or …

    $59.00 - $444.00

Fiberstone planters are crafted using a unique blend of fiberglass and stone, resulting in a lightweight yet incredibly strong material. This innovative combination offers several benefits for your gardening needs. Fiberstone planters are resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading, ensuring their longevity even in challenging weather conditions. Their lightweight nature also makes them easy to move and rearrange, providing flexibility in your garden design.


Our fiberstone planters feature sleek lines, clean shapes, and a smooth finish, making them the perfect choice for modern and minimalist garden aesthetics. Whether you prefer cylindrical planters, square planters, or rectangular planters, our collection offers a variety of sizes and designs to suit your personal style and gardening preferences.


One of the key advantages of fiberstone planters is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of outdoor settings, including patios, decks, balconies, and entryways. Whether you're creating a focal point with a single statement planter or arranging a group of planters to showcase your favorite flowers and greenery, fiberstone planters provide an elegant and cohesive look to your outdoor space.


The durability of fiberstone ensures that your planters will withstand the test of time, providing a reliable and long-lasting home for your plants. The material is also non-porous, which means it helps conserve moisture. This feature helps to regulate the moisture levels in the soil.


At Garden Artisans, we are committed to offering exceptional products and service to our customers. Our knowledgeable staff is passionate about gardening and ready to assist you in finding the perfect fiberstone planters for your home garden. We believe that functional and stylish planters are essential for creating a captivating outdoor oasis.


Elevate your gardening experience with our modern fiberstone planters. Visit Garden Artisans today and explore our collection of durable and stylish options that will transform your home garden into a contemporary haven.