Whether you need the perfect pot for your favorite house plant or a grand planter to house a specimen tree, we’ve got you covered, with sizes from 7 inches to over 4 feet, and a multitude of shapes and colors. Choose from lightweight and weatherproof resin, classic cast stone, stylish copper or brass, worry-free aluminum, fabulous fiberglass or on-trend terrazzo materials to create just the right look for your front entry, garden, patio, or poolside. Self-watering containers, too!

  • Olympic Trough Planter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Olympic Trough Planters

    The Olympic Trough planters are a perfect match for the Tall Olympic planters.  36 L x 18 W x 18 H54 L x …

    $597.00 - $733.00
  • Johnson Wax Frank Lloyd Wright Planter Vase

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Johnson Wax Building Vase

    The Johnson Wax Building Vase was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936 for the Johnson Wax administration bu…

    $403.00 - $2,715.00
  • Capsule planter shown in zinc oxide

    Ore, Inc.

    Capsule Planter

    The Capsule planters are offered in steel, aluminum or Cor-ten steel.  Offered in  20" and 28" diame…

    $1,936.00 - $2,684.00
  • Half Round Wall Basket Hayrack Style - 2 sizes

    Garden Artisans

    Hayrack Half Round Wall Basket

    Half Round Hayrack Wall planters will complement many architectural styles. Each piece is hand-welded steel, t…

    $49.00 - $92.99
  • Classic Roman Urn in Aluminum with Copper Finish

    Garden Artisans

    Roman Classic Urn

    A classic urn with a sleek, updated profile, our Roman urn is crafted of worry-free aluminum and given a beaut…

    $629.00 - $1,210.00
  • Ziva Fiberstone Planter X Large in Creme


    Ziva Fiberstone Pot

    Ziva has universal appeal thanks to its simple urn shape and uplifting design.  Much more interesting tha…

    $193.00 - $343.00
  • Askew planter by Ore shown in red

    Ore, Inc.

    Askew Planter

    Askew planters are offered in steel, aluminum or Cor-ten steel.  This unique planter is offered in 34" an…

    $2,640.00 - $4,224.00
  • High Rectangle Planter in Black

    Ore, Inc.

    High Rectangle Planter

    The High Rectangle planter may be crafted in lightweight aluminum, steel or Cor-Ten steel.  10 standard f…

    $936.00 - $1,694.00
  • Aluminum Trellis for Ore plantrs

    Ore, Inc.

    Ore Add-On Aluminum Lattice

    Pre-assembled aluminum lattice which mechanically fastens to internal brackets located within the planter.&nbs…

    $2,112.00 - $4,654.00
  • Square Tapered Aluminum planter shown in metallic silver

    Ore, Inc.

    Square Taper Planter

    The Taper square planter can be crafted from steel, aluminum or Cor-ten steel.  The sleek lines are conte…

    $760.00 - $1,002.00
  • Radius Taper Planter

    Ore, Inc.

    Radius Taper Planter

    The Radius Taper planter can be crafted from steel, aluminum or Cor-ten steel.  The sleek lines are conte…

    $836.00 - $1,376.00
  • Adam Window Boxes Faux Lead

    Capital Garden Products

    Adam Window Box

    The Adam Window Box is a fiberglass planter based on the formal architecture of the 18th Century Georgian arch…

    $168.00 - $517.00
  • Citadel planters in stone finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Citadel Planter

    The Citadel fiberglass planter is a large round planter in three diameters, 24", 33" and 39" diameters.  …

    $442.00 - $995.00