O'Brien Ironworks

O'Brien Ironworks offers a variety of garden decor products in aluminum and steel such as their Garden Armillary and a large variety of benches.

All products are quoted per request due to the rapidly changing price of steel and aluminum.

Garden Armillary

The Garden Armillaries are offered in a 24" and 30" diameter for the standard base and 30", 36" and 48" for the fluted base.  View via PDF their color choices at the bottom of this form.

Questions you will need to answer in the notes below are.  It is easiest to just copy and paste 1 thru 4 into the comments and answer the questions.

1.  Which size do you wish to have quoted?
2.  Fluted or Standard base?
3.  Choice in finish
4.  Choice in metal.   Any armillary can be crafted in aluminum, iron or galvanized iron.

armillary-fluted-base.png   armillary-standard-base.png


Garden Benches

Most garden benches can be crafted in both aluminum, iron or galvanized steel.  Below you will see a variety of styles.  Please indicate in the comment section what you are interested in.  We will reach out to discuss your options and pricing.





Color Finishes Available


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