Gifts for the Holidays

Valentine's Day and Easter Gifts!

  • 4" Magenta Rigid Gift Box

    4" Rigid Gift Box

    Our 4" shiny gift box with bow and glitter will add flair to your gift-giving and is strong enough to secure a…

  • Miniature Bunny

    Cliff Myers

    Plump Bunny

    Our Miniature Plump Bunny is crafted in the USA and comes in an earthtone finish.  Hydrostone is lightwei…

  • Mail Box Magnetic Wrap with Bunny

    Studio M

    Bunny Magnetic Mail Box Wrap

    A Studio M original magnetic mailbox cover featuring an adorable bunny and his birdie friend. Pre-cut to fit s…

  • Blown Glass Flowers - many colors available

    Maggie Bean

    Glass Flowers

    Delicate petals of glass flowers hand crafted by glass artist Maggie Bean.  Blown with curly or straight …

  • Resin Bunny Basket


    Basket with Bunny (resin)

    This adorable bunny is ready and waiting for you to fill his basket!  Charming rustic design beautifully …

    Was: $69.99
    Now: $59.00
  • Moon Plaque shown in natural pecan

    The Brookfield Co.

    Moon Plaque

    A whimsical crescent moon ponders nearby stars in a wavy sky. The moon is a mythological symbol of the empower…

  • Standing Lop Eared Bunny statue

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Standing Lop-Ear Bunny Statue

    This little lop-eared bunny will make you smile when you catch site of him in your garden. And unlike the real…

  • Sun Plaque shown in  natural pecan

    The Brookfield Co.

    Sun Plaque

    The sun face symbol dates to the 15th-16th centuries, becoming popular during the Renaissance. It represents s…

    $59.00 - $72.00