• Plantskydd all natural repellents - deer, rabbits, voles, elk


    Plantskydd Repellents

    Plantskydd is the #1 choice in repellents and is the first animal repellent to be OMRI listed by the Organic M…

    $21.95 - $349.95
  • Solo Pump Sprayer - 1 quart capacity


    1 Qt Pump Sprayer

    1 Quart Pump Sprayer perfect for mixing and dispensing repellent when purchasing in a concentrate form.

  • Git Stick all natural repellent

    Lancaster Soapworks

    Git Stick!

    Git Stick! is an emollient lotion bar handcrafted from mango butter, apricot kernel, avocado, jojoba, vitamin …

  • Cabbage Collars - 20 Pack

    Gardening Naturally

    Cabbage Collars Pack of 20

    Cabbage collars to deter cabbage root fly, repel slugs & snails, control weeds around the plant and conser…

  • Strawberry Mats

    Gardening Naturally

    Strawberry Mats Pack of 6

    Strawberry mats which are impregnated with copper to stop slugs & snails, retain moisture & suppress w…