Rose Pillars & Obelisks

  • Charleston Rose Pillar

    Classic Garden Elements

    Charleston Rose Pillar

    The diagonal steel bands of the Charleston rose column slowly steer the main shoots in a upward direction only…

    $2,079.00 - $2,589.00
  • Border Tuteur 4 sizes available


    Border Tuteur

    Tuteurs are perfect along borders - use singly or in groups of three or more to add vertical interest. Crafted…

    $119.00 - $199.00
  • Giverny Rose Umbrella

    Classic Garden Elements

    Giverny Rose Umbrella

    The Giverny Rose Umbrella is available in two versions - open variant for already established cascading roses …

  • Obelisk I Steel Rose Pillar by Classic Garden Elements

    Classic Garden Elements

    Obelisk I

    The distinct styling of the Obelisk I Rose Pillar stands above the rest.  Offers height to the smallest o…

    $931.00 - $2,589.00
  • Classic Rose Pillar


    Classic Rose Pillar

    Flowers and foliage on black steel columns add variety to your borders, singly or in groups. Place them by pat…

    $323.00 - $523.00
  • Malmaison Pillar large rose pillar

    Classic Garden Elements


    The pyramid shaped Malmaison pillar provides not only an extremely solid climbing structure for roses but arch…

  • Obelisk II Rose Pillar

    Classic Garden Elements

    Obelisk II

    Obelisk II Rose Pillar: Timeless Beauty for Your Rose Garden The Obelisk II Rose Pillar design harmonizes part…