Wind & Weather Decor

  • Status Wind Spinner


    Stratus Wind Spinner - Red

    The Stratus Wind Spinner is offered in a bright red color.  The elongated panels are caught by the wind a…

  • Sphere Kinetic Wind Sculpture


    Sphere Kinetic Wind Sculpture

    The Sphere Kinetic Wind Sculpture stands 70" tall.  The overall sphere dimensions are 21" wide x 23" tall…

  • Frog Wall Mounted Thermometer


    Frog Wall Mounted Thermometer

    Frog Wall Mounted Thermometer is crafted from aluminum and given an attractive bronze and verdigris finish. Th…

  • Sea Turtle Explorer Wind Chime


    Sea Turtle Explorer Wind Chime

    Our Sea Turtle Explorer Wind Chime is made from cast iron and hangs 29.5" long.  Six little sea turtles s…

  • Frog Trio Windchime


    Frog Trio Wind Chime

    The Frog Trio Wind Chime crafted from cast iron weighs slightly over 1 lb. and makes a lovely addition to your…

  • Octopus Windchime


    Octopus Wind Chime

    Octopus Wind Chime crafted from cast iron and given a verdigris finish.5.5" W x 3.5" D x 30" HWeight 1.45 lb.

  • Ginkgo Copper Wind Spinner

    Garden Artisans

    Ginkgo Copper Wind Spinner

    Our beautiful Ginkgo Wind Spinner is crafted from solid copper and brass with steel ball bearings to create a …