Topiary Frames

Our topiary frames are sourced from GreenPiece Wire Art.  We know many of you are wondering when we will get new stock, as many items are out of stock.  During COVID, the factory where these were made closed down; consequently, the skilled workers left for new horizons and at this time the factory has been unable to secure the people necessary to fill the void.  Until that happens, we will be short on many topiary styles. 

We do have a very skilled topiary artist based out of Florida, but his forms are more directed toward large scale topiary and not the simple wire frames provided by GreenPiece. 

Looking to refill your frame?  Don't know how much moss you need?  GreenPiece has put together filler ratios for their items you may find useful.  We have also created some tips on how to take care of your topiary as well as plants we find that work well in topiary frames.

Filler Ratios

Proven Topiary Plant Performers

How to take care of your Topiary

  • Basset Hound Dog Topiary Mossed

    Greenpiece Wire Art

    Basset Hound Topiary

    Basset Hound Topiary offered frame only or filled with pre-dyed sphagnum moss.  Heavy-gauge wire frame po…

    $172.00 - $328.00